Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our best kept secret!

Welcome to the Sportsman's Wildlife Club!

We are a family oriented club that offers quiet time with your family, by yourself, or joining in on Club activities!

Where else can you go and have access to the Club property 24 hrs -7 days week once you become a full member?

We have monthly members meetings the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM! Guest are welcome to come to these meetings to see what we are about about. Just come to our Club house and view the facilities as well as our fishing lake. You can gain access to more membership information.

You may also visit our Facebook site by looking for Sportsman's Wildlife Club - Summerfield NC.

No fishing license needed but our bass fish are "catch and release" only. No hunting, firearms or alcohol allowed either. So you see why we are a family oriented Club?

Cub Scouts come to our Club frequently for activities and to help clean the walking trail around the 12.1 private Club lake. We also have piers around various areas of the lake.

Have I baited your hook enough yet? Stay tune to this blog site for more activities as Spring rolls around and the fishing starts up again.